Infectious Beat
Richard Herrera Lopez, composer/producer/engineer


Recorded Live at Yoshi's
Mobile Recordings/Mixes:
Sam Ostroff, Composer - Friction Quartet, San Francisco Conservatory of Music

Adrian Gormley Jazz Combo

Wise One

You'd Be So Nice

Dan Zemelman Jazz

I Like the Sunrise

Amazing Grace

Red Poppy House, SF

Robin Applewood: Live at Yoshi's

Move Your Feet

Humble Up

Anna DeLeon:  Live at Anna's Jazz Island
Featuring Shota Osabe - Piano, Ruth Davies - Bass, David Rokeach - Drums, and Owen Davis - Congas
Blue Skies                      Song For My Father

Steve MeckfesselLive at ThFreight and Salvage

Featuring Keith Greeninger, Chris Kokesh, Peter Andrews, John R. Burr, Jim Norris, Robert Hahn and Steve Uccello.
"Mama's Boy"                "Ten More Years"

Ed Reed and Friends
Ed Reed - Vocals, Noel Jewkes - Sax, Carla Kay - Bass, Bob Blankenship - Drums, David Udolf - Piano
Here's To Life                    
I'll Remember April