Infectious Beat
Richard Herrera Lopez, composer/producer/engineer
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Studied at

UC Berkeley School of Music

Worked at

Film, Commercial and Industrial Scoring Credits

A partial list of people with whom I've worked...

Gryffin, Duane Betts, The Chainsmokers, Janelle Monae, DJ Nick Cohen, Fantastic Negrito, T-Bone Burnett, Sam Phillips, Laurie Lewis, Richard Thompson, John Mayall, Husky Hoskulds, Ke Grivois, The Tuttles, Dark Porch Theatre, Rana Weber, Berkeley Actors Ensemble, Jim Norris, Robert Estes, John Paterno, Matt Wallace, Pete Anderson and Dwight Yoakam, Humberto Gatica, Bonnie Hayes, Andrew Griffin and Pete Canton, Paul du Gre, John Leftwich, Josh Freese, The Zac Brown Band, Robin Applewood, Dan Zemelman, Richard Glazter, Ed Reed, Jeff Crosby and the Refugees, Syml, The Jazz Mafia...