Infectious Beat
Richard Herrera Lopez, composer/producer/engineer
Equipment List
Regarding live sound I can get anything you may need, including staging and lighting.

Here is a list (subject to change) of gear for mobile recording sessions.


AKG C414 XL (2)
AKG C451b Stereo Matched Pair
AKG C1000s
AKG D112
Audio Technica AT4050 (2)
Audio Technica AT2021 (2)
Beyerdynamic M88TG
CAD M179 (2)
Cascade Fathead (Lundahl transformer)
Electro Voice RE-20 (3)
Neumann KM184 Stereo Matched Pair
Sennheiser MD421 (3)
Sennheiser E609 (2)
Sennheiser E 904 drum mics
Shure SM7b
Shure SM58's and SM57's
Shure Beta 57a
Shure SM81 (2)
Shure Beta 52a
Telefunken AR-51 Tube


Behringer X32 Digital Console
Soundcraft 40 Input K2 Analog Console (made in England)
Mackie DL32r Digital Mixer

Allen and Heath GL2000 (made in England)
Avalon 737sp Tube Mic Pre
Summit/Rupert Neve MPE-200 Stereo Mic Pre
Demeter VTMP 2B Tube Stereo Mic Pre
Millennia Media HV-3D 8-Channel Mic Pre
Yamaha MLA-8 Preamps - 24 Channels for mobile recording (from the DM2000 digital console)
Neve Master Buss Processor
Avalon 747 Stereo Tube Compressor
DBX Compressors
Furman outboard gates and eqs

Lexicon PCM 90
Yamaha Rev 5
Yamaha SPX 990
Roland SRV 2000 (2)
Roland SRV 3030
DeltaLab Effectron 1024

Solid State Logic, X-Logic MADI-AX digital converter
Alesis HD24 hard disc recorder
Radial direct boxes with Jensen transformers
Countryman active direct boxes
24 channel mic splitter

QSC K series live sound reinforcement